Flooring Accessories Buying Guide

New flooring makes a huge impact in any room and flooring accessories are the final touches that give that neat, professional finish. The accessories you need depend on the flooring you've chosen and the flooring in any adjoining rooms too. 

Let's go over all things to do with flooring accessories so you know you're on the right track. 

The importance of flooring accessories

Without accessories, your flooring is going to look unfinished. Depending on the flooring type, the right accessories can define the edges of your flooring, keep it from moving out of place and can even offer extra protection from damage, wear and tear.

Whether you need door bars, adhesives, stair rods, grippers or any other accessory, we've got it on hand.

Quick reasons to add flooring accessories to your list:

  • Keep your floor looking professional. Nobody will know it's a DIY job.
  • Secure your flooring to keep it looking good.
  • Create seamless transitions between rooms and differing flooring types.

Flooring Accessories - Glossary


Carpet gripper


Sold in full boxes of 152 metres, gripper is pre-nailed to give a firm grip on your floors. It is fixed around the perimeter of the room with either nails or glue and it prevents your newly fitted carpet from losing tension after it's been stretched onto the pins. When fixing gripper to the subfloor, we advise leaving approx 5/6mm gap between the gripper and the wall. There are specific gripper types for different floor types, though the most popular is a medium pin. 

Single edge door bar


If you need to transition between a carpeted room and an area of vinyl or something similar a single edge door bar is what you need. The teeth on one side bite onto your carpet and the smooth edge angles down to your hard floor on the other side, creating a neet. Available usually in standard gold or silver finished, or, premium finishes such as brushed stainless, bronze, chrome and even piano black!

Door Bar - 'Double' (Dual Grip)


A double door bar is designed for use in doorways where two carpets are meeting together on either side. Carpet bites onto the teeth seen on either side creating a neet transition in the doorway. Available in standard gold and silver finishes as well as more premium finishes such as brushed stainless, bronze and even piano black! 

Door Bar - Z-Edge


The perfect choice for transitions between carpet and a hardfloor, such as laminate or wood flooring. The carpet latches onto the teeth on one side and the cover plate ramps up to the hard floor on the other. 



Used primarily with laminate flooring, Scotia comes in an array of colours and will typically be available in a colour-match to the flooring shade you've chosen. It's designed to cover the expansion gap around the edge of the room to finish the install off professionally. 



It's what is underneath that counts! We highly recommend replacing your underlay in tandem with replacing carpet. It plays a fundamental role in maintaining the looks and performance of your carpet. We're a proud verified distributor of premium underlays from Cloud 9 and Tredaire and so you can be sure all underlays we sell are greater performers even in the busiest of homes.


To learn more, view our ultimate underlay buying guide, or view our underlays on sale here

Stair Rods


A classic way to make a statement on the stairs. They are fixed into each tread, holding any fancy runners in place and they look timeless doing it.