Planning Guides

You know you want new flooring, but how do you go about it? What do you need to do before you can invite your friends around to admire your smart new look? Well, why not start with our handy planning guides, full of hints and tips on how best to get the job done.

You’ll find advice on planning ahead to save you time and money - and to make sure everything goes smoothly. There’s information on everything you need to allow for within your budget, so you won’t have any nasty surprises. And you can find out how best to prepare your room before the fitters arrive so you end up with a floor you can be truly proud of.

Check out our planning guides now and make sure your new flooring project gets off to the perfect start.

How to's & Top Tips

How to: Plan for your new floor.

Helping you to consider the best flooring options for your home.

How to: Measure for carpet installations.

Follow our short guide on how to measure your rooms for carpet installs. 

How to: Quantify material needed for carpet & hardfloor installations.

To make your life easier, we've designed this step by step guide to measuring your floors.

Top Tips: 10 ways to get new floors on a budget.

Here we break down our 10 favourite ways to achieve a new floor on a budget. 

Costs Guides

Budgeting: Parquet Costs

Learn more about the costs and different ways you can achieve a beautiful parquet floor.

Budgeting: Carpet Costs

Carpet can come in all costs and qualities. Learn more about those different price brackets and what benefits come with each. 

Budgeting: LVT Costs

Learn more about how best to budget for one of the most popular hard floors in the U.K, Luxury Vinyl Tile.


Tog ratings: Why are they important?

Tog is thrown about in outdoor and camping stores, but what importance does a rating have when choosing your floor? Learn all about it here.

Baby-friendly floors

Ensuring a cosy, welcoming environment for the little ones is very important. Learn more about how your floors can play a big role in that. 

Pet-friendly Floors

Our recommendations on the best floors with furry companions.

Underfloor Heating: What you need to know.

If your project involves any type of underfloor heating, learn more about what you need to consider when selecting floors.

Kitchen Trends: Luxury Vinyl Flooring vs Tile

Considering real tiles for the kitchen? Learn how Luxury Vinyl Flooring can be a greater alternative both from a versatility and budget perspective. 

Stain-free Carpet: The protection benefits.

Understand the benefits of opting for a 'Stain-free' carpet. Important for those with busy and energetic households.