Baby-Friendly Flooring

If there’s a baby arriving you’ll want to make sure their nursery is perfect in every way. Of course, you’ll decorate in your own style, but we’re sure you’ll want it to be as comfortable and welcoming as possible.

We understand choosing flooring may not be the most exciting thing in your life right now, but it’s a decision that can make a big difference. We’re talking warm soft and baby-proof, and we’ve a great range of carpets to fit the bill - from a luxurious Saxony to a durable yet soft Twist.

Getting the basics right

Bringing up a baby is never child’s play but life can be made that bit easier by planning your nursery basics. So put the paint brush to one side for a minute and read our top tips:


1: Everything revolves around the changing table
Put all those essentials within easy reach, such as nappies, rash cream, baby wipes and clean Babygrows.

2: Cut the clutter
Keep the floor clear. The last thing you need is to stub your toe on a toy or trip over a book just when you’ve got your baby to sleep.

3: The beauty of black-out blinds
A neat trick to turn sunny days into night-time. It will be much easier to get your baby to sleep.

4: Be colour-wise
Not everything that goes into a baby stays there. So pale colours may not be the best idea in the world.

Your perfect nursery

Need some decoration inspiration? Here are some ideas to help you create the nursery of your - and your baby’s - dreams.

A carpet for crawlers

In the blink of an eye your little one will be a crawler, then a toddler. So giving them a soft landing with a luxurious, thick carpet will keep them comfy and safe. Grey is a classic choice. It’ll last for years and not be spoilt by the odd spillage. Stain resistance is obviously a good idea.

Be bold with Rugs

Bright, primary colours can help to stimulate a baby’s brain. So colourful rugs are not only fun and cheery but could help your baby’s development too. Rugs are also a smart move because they provide comfort too. 

Classic shades

Pale pinks. Baby blues. They’re favourite nursery colours for a reason. We’ve flooring in those colours and a whole load more ideas to match them.

Never too early to make a statement

We love unicorns and flamingos. Or how about a touch of bohemia or the tropics? Anything goes if it takes your fancy. The personal touch is in right now, with bespoke hand-lettered posters, prints, and wall decals. Your baby. Your choice.

Black & white's alright

Done in the right way, two tone can feel welcoming and bang on trend. And who doesn’t love a panda? Try a polka dot effect on the walls, or zebra stripes. Warm the whole thing up with some subtle accessories and prepare for nursery envy among your friends.