Planning your new floor

When you’re choosing new flooring you should start by thinking about how your room will be used. Bathrooms need something that can cope with regular splashes. Hallways need flooring that’s tough enough for heavy use. Check out this handy guide to find out what’s best suited for the room you want to transform.




While you might fancy the idea of a wool carpet in your bathroom, in practical terms it wouldn’t be a great idea. How you use your room will dictate what floor covering is going to be the best choice.

Floors that get heavy use need a more hardwearing type of floor. Water-resistance is important for kitchens and bathrooms. And anyone with children will know that stain-proof flooring would be a good idea for their rooms.

Laminate. Takes anything a family can throw at it.


Laminate comes in all sorts of styles, so you’re bound to find something to suit most rooms. It can look like real wood - but it won’t cost an arm and a leg. What’s more, it’s virtually maintenance-free so you can fit it and forget it.

This is tough stuff, so it's family-proof. Whoops, another spillage. Never mind, just mop it up. And for more serious damage, it’s pretty easy to replace individual planks. With a carpet or vinyl, it would be a much bigger (and more expensive) job.

If you like cosy toes, you’ll also be pleased to know most laminates are ideal for underfloor heating.


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Engineered Wood – The luxury of real wood veneer.


Glue together several layers of timber board for stability, top them with a real hardwood veneer for good looks, and what have you got? Engineered Wood. It’s clever stuff.

The veneer can be between 1mm and 5mm and you can choose from several woods, like Oak, Walnut, Beech and Maple. Add to that a range of finishes such as satin lacquer, matt lacquer and oiled and you can enjoy a beautifully natural look and feel to suit any décor.

Depending on which you choose, your Engineered Wood floor could last up to 25 years. Most manufacturers are so confident in the quality that they’ll even give you a warranty.


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LVT. You can't knock it.


Not only are Luxury Vinyl Tiles exceptionally durable, but they also look identical to traditional luxurious (and more expensive) alternatives. Wood, ceramic and stone can all be replicated to impress your guests and make your home feel like a million dollars.

For family homes these are just the job, shrugging off stains, water and hard knocks to maintain their luxury feel. This makes them perfect for all rooms in your home, including the kitchen and bathroom.

While they are almost impossible to damage, if you do manage this impressive feat then you can simply swap in a new tile. It’s so much easier than replacing a whole carpet or sheet of vinyl.


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Vinyl. Exceptional performance in the wet.


This is the jack of all trades. With a virtually limitless range of colours, patterns and designs, there’s something to suit any budget, room or interior design. What’s more, vinyl couldn’t be easier to look after - a quick wipe and you’re sorted.

They also make a wonderfully comfortable floor, ideal for underfloor heating and with a cushioned feel, so they’re cosy underfoot all year round.

Vinyl is also non-slip and water-resistant, so if you’re looking for something for the kitchen, bathrooms or utility rooms, this could well be the one.


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Wool Carpet. Hard wearing but a softy at heart.


There's nothing like the softness of a real wool carpet to make your bedrooms or living room feel cosy and warm. 

While it may be true that a wool carpet costs you more to begin with, it's a genuine investment. With soft, natural fibres they're a brilliant insulator and can cut your heating bills. And because they're exceptionally durable, they will keep their good looks for longer and won't have to be replaced for many years. 

On the practical side, wool carpets are easy to clean and shrug off the dirt - perfect for children and pets of all varieties.


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Polypropylene Carpet. Affordable, cleanable, durable.


If you're looking for a carpet that's bomb-proof, then Polypropylene certainly fits the bill. Because they're mad from synthetic fibres, these carpets can even be cleaned with a mild bleach mix - not something we'd advise with natural fibres. 

There's a wide range to choose from and we'd recommend the better quality, deeper pile versions for busy areas, like hallways. You don't need to worry about fading, because this carpet keeps its colour well - even in strong sunlight. And if you're on a budget this one will be easier on your pocket.


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We're big on brands.


We're not called Flooring Megastore for nothing - we offer you loads of trusted, quality brands. They've all got their own unique qualities and provide you with peace of mind that you've made the right choice. 

Such a wide range also means you get to find the flooring that's exactly right for your home, in terms of colour, pattern, design, comfort, material and quality. Whatever you're looking for, we've got it sorted.


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