Associated Weavers

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If your home is crying out for a luxurious carpet, look no further than the fabulous Associated Weavers range we stock here at Flooring Megastore.

Founded in the late ’60s, the Belgium-based brand has long been a major name in the carpet world. Producing millions of square carpets each year, their products are heavily sought after both throughout Europe and the UK, making Associated Weavers one of the biggest carpet manufacturers in Europe – particularly for tufted broadloom carpets.

We’re privileged to be able to offer some of the finest luxury carpet products on the market, available to you at trade prices.


Luxury Carpets with a Creative Edge


Associated Weavers have established themselves as the designer par excellence of printed broadloom carpet. Innovative designs from this industry leader have enabled Associated Weavers to bring the rich and luxuriant Axminster designs and colours to life.

The brand oozes innovation and creative flair, which is showcased through its unique, rich and bold carpet styles. By keeping a close watch on all the main trends and innovations in terms of colour, texture and technique, Associated Weavers succeed, again and again, in developing creative, contemporary and inventive carpets. 

Not satisfied with simply providing an excellent quality carpet, Associated Weavers strives to ensure their products are built to last. Created using their highly engineering Stainguard XL fibre they are designed to hold their shape and structure even in areas of high use.

It’s fair to say they are an incredibly forward-thinking manufacturer; once you see and feel an Associated Weavers carpet you’ll notice the dedication and meticulous attention to detail. 


All Associated Weavers products come with a stain warranty and wear guarantee, to give you great peace of mind.