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No matter the nature of the project, residential or commercial, Berry Alloc is the place to go to for your flooring solutions. It is part of the very influential Beaulieu International Group that has centres all across 16 countries and an annual turnover of around £1.75b. With the aim of adding value to authentic raw materials, all its organisations are tasked with the provision of a diverse range of unique floor coverings produced in Belgium at the hands of highly skilled professionals looking to stand out.

Berry Alloc, in particular, provides a platform through which you have access to such high-quality floor coverings that are promised to be durable, easy to install, and aesthetically pleasing – perfect for your room, lounge, dining hall, or bathroom. Browse through the diverse variety and find the perfect fit. What makes Berry Alloc unique is the emphasis they place on customer relationships. That is one core element that guides them to stay up to date on trends, incorporate any developments, and ensure that their products and an investment worth making. Year on year, the quality of the product only improves.

As a company that fulfills its responsibilities, the environment is one factor that Berry Alloc has not overlooked. Almost all of their product range is produced and developed in a sustainable manner. It ensures that individual gain does not come at the expense of the overall health of the world.

All of their products offer some form of warranty. How amazing is that?  On selected products, they offer a lifetime warranty for residential installations. If you're unsure how long the warranties last, contact us today.


What does Berry Alloc Offer?


When looking for flooring solutions, Berry Alloc can provide you with options in Laminate, Vinyl, and Parquet. Depending on the look you want to achieve, you can opt for one that has a wooden finish or another that is a stone effect. Any type is enough to spruce up your home or office and give it a unique personality.


Vinyl Floor also known as Luxury Vinyl Tile


In today’s age, vinyl has become one of the most popular types of floor coverings. For those who want to have the feel and look of a wooden, stone, or earthy floor, vinyl is perfect. Not only will it satisfy your decorative desires, but it also needs little maintenance –it is waterproof, highly sturdy, and diverse in designs. With the neutral aesthetic coupled with its long-lasting nature, vinyl is something that never goes out of style.


Laminate Floor


Laminate floor coverings offered by Berry Alloc are distinctive because of their designs, feel qualities, and varied sizes. When successfully installed, laminate planks will closely resemble wood – it will have the rough texture, the sleek wood line as well as the signature brown colour in varying degrees of darkness with a few trendy greys thrown in too. It also encapsulates the warmth that a wooden floor brings to a room immediately. This exact feel can be maintained in the long term because of its quality of being resistant to moisture. Pick one of the various plank sizes to accommodate your room and achieve this look in no time.