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Brockway has been designing and producing quality wool carpets for more than 50 years and its experience shows. The Kidderminster company remains family-run to this day and keeps a strong focus on true British craftsmanship – much to the delight of home and business owners across the UK and beyond.

The popular manufacturer’s efforts don’t stop at product quality either – Brockway is also committed to utilising the latest technology to keep its environmental impact minimal. The high-end wool yarns in its carpets, for example, come from a renewable source and are biodegradable.

A wide and varied range


There’s no doubt that you’ll find the carpet you’re looking for in the Brockway portfolio. It includes a wealth of both tufted and loop carpets, with an impressively diverse range of stunning colours and textures.

Orion Twist and its luxury stablemate, Orion Twist Major, are two popular examples. These thick, soft carpets are perfect for creating a warm and cosy feel in any room of your house. Both made using a blend of 80% pure new wool and 20% synthetic materials, they come with a heavy domestic rating so you can rest assured they’re built to last.

Those looking for something a little quirkier might find their perfect match in Jubilee Stripe, which is perfect for breaking up an otherwise plain room. Available in 11 different colourways, it won’t be difficult finding one that suits your current décor.


Complete control


In order to meet its own super-high standards, Brockway insists on keeping a close eye on every part of the manufacturing process. This means keeping production within its own dedicated factory and working closely with some of the UK’s leading designers, colourists, yarn suppliers and spinners. As those of our customers who have already invested in a Brockway carpet will agree, the results are there for all to see in these fantastic products.