Hammer Carpets

Verified reseller of Hammer Carpets

Hammer Carpets (formerly Western Hammer) have supplied carpets to clients across the globe since 1948. As a customer, your project draws on their priceless store of know-how.


Uncompromising quality


Hammer carpets withstand the test of time. All of their carpets are developed and tested to meet the European EN 1307 standard and the applicable IMO requirements for use in cruise ships.


From pure wool to synthetic fibres


Select the appropriate quality for each individual space. Hammer carpets are available in a wide range of qualities – they have everything from pure wool through mixed fibres to pure synthetics.


A serious approach to sustainability


Their management systems are based on international ISO standards, which means that they guarantee that our approach to environmental and social issues is responsible and innate to the way they run their business.


Comfort all round


Need a comfortable flooring solution? You've come to the right place. For domestic and contract markets, Hammer focus strongly on optimising comfort while meeting the most stringent requirements for flooring uses.


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