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The best methods and materials from around the world


Kersaint Cobb & Company go the extra mile to source the finest material and techniques for the manufacture of their exceptionally high quality, exotically different carpets. Indeed, Kersaint Cobb & Company have travelled extensively worldwide in their quest to provide consumers with products that are not just comfortable but also offer a distinct and exciting look. Travelling to locations as diverse New Zealand, India, Africa and South America, Kersaint Cobb & Company both literally and figuratively go further than most to ensure the ongoing quality and lasting appeal of their natural and pure wool carpets.


Inspiration from every corner of the earth


However, the materials and techniques that Kersaint Cobb & Company take away from their travels aren’t the only bounties that they return to their Birmingham headquarters with; the experiences that they have while abroad are also a key aspect of their design process. After all, how could you return from locations like Vanuatu without being inspired? And this multicultural, pan-continental inspiration is worn very much on Kersaint Cobb & Company’s sleeve; with their products often being named after the destination or nature of their inspiration; the location that inspired the creation of ‘African Plains’ carpet is abundantly clear! In this way, it’s very easy to work out where Kersaint Cobb & Company are ‘coming from’!


Huge savings across Kersaint Cobb's carpet collection


Being a Kersaint Cobb Premier Stockist has many benefits but the most important one is we buy lots of their carpets and because we do we enjoy preferential buying rates. So, if you’re searching for something a bit different that’s emerged from a melting pot of different cultures and has been manufactured from the finest materials around you’ve come to the right place. Browse Kersaint Cobb & Company’s products and welcome a more exciting international flavour into your home today!