Carpet Buying Guide

You've got a lot of flooring types to choose from, so deciding on carpet is already a big decision. But then when it comes time to shop, you realise there are hundreds of options there too!

Don't worry. There may be a lot to consider when it comes to choosing a carpet, but our team of experts have broken it down into easy chunks within this Buying Guide to make sure you know exactly what to buy to fit your room and lifestyle.

Carpet by Room

Living Room Carpet

Carpet is a great choice for the living room. Not only does it add insulation and warm, but it's also soft underfoot when you slip your shoes off at the end of the day. We'd recommend a twist carpet for durability, a practical loop carpet, or a plush Saxony carpet for the living room.

Bedroom Carpet

The bedroom is a room where comfort is the most important, you could well spend most of your time in there barefoot too! For a luxurious feel, you can't beat a Saxony carpet. It is a treat for your feet and there are also lots of colours to choose from to suit any room, whatever your style. 

Hall, Stairs & Landing Carpet

Now, this is where you really need your carpet to stand up to heavy, refined traffic. We'd recommend plain, textured, or twist carpets for these areas. They'll last a long time and look good doing it. 

Dining Room Carpet

The last thing you want when enjoying dinner is to worry about stains. Choose something stain-resistant for your dining room. Polypropylene carpet is a great choice. You can even clean it with a mild solution of bleach for any stubborn marks. For a natural fibre choice, wool carpets are super easy to clean too. 

Carpet by Fibre

Synthetic Carpet




Polypropylene carpet does it all. It's soft and comfy underfoot, while also managing to be stain-resistant and hard-wearing. This makes it an ideal pick for almost anywhere in the home. If it encounters a stubborn stain, it's one of the few carpet types that can be cleaned with bleach. 

On top of all this, it's also an affordable option, making it friendly on the budget too. 


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Polyester sits second in line in terms of performance and price. It wears much better than polypropylene carpets so if you're worried about seeing any flattening in your carpet then we'd definitely recommend looking at Polyester and even Nylon carpets as they age fantastically well.


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Polyamide (Nylon) carpet


The perfect choice for a busy family home, polyamide carpets stand up beautifully to heavy traffic and wear and tear, springing back up into shape easily. It's also easy to clean, making it child and pet-resistant too.


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Natural Carpet




When it comes to natural fibres, you don't get much more resilient than wool. It's not just tough, it's a sustainable option too.

Wool carpets add natural insulation to trap heat and prevent sound traveling. On top of being a practical choice, wool carpets come in a range of stunning colours that look richer and deeper thanks to wools natural ability to take colour.

Choose from 100% wool, or a wool mix. Both are durable, good-looking options.


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Sisal carpets are made of woven plant fibres. They're tough and long-lasting, as well as providing a natural, textured look to your room.


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Carpet by Design

Patterned carpet

When it comes to making an impact, a patterned carpet does the job with ease. There's something for everyone too. Whether you choose something more traditional, go bold or opt for something totally unique a patterned carpet can change the look of your room entirely.

Plain carpet

Whether you choose a deep, bold colour, calming pastels or go for neutral tones to keep things flexible, a plain carpet can complement any room style brilliantly.

Striped carpet

Stripes add a striking visual element to any room. Whether you go for black and white or bright colours, you can find stripes to suit any colour palette. A great spot to use stripes is your staircase, drawing the eyes in of home visitors whilst giving the illusion of more space. 

Carpet by Thickness

Deep pile carpet

A deep pile carpet has longer fibres, making them feel thicker and squashier underfoot. It adds extra luxury, comfort and warmth, making them the ideal choice for relaxing spaces in your home. 

Short pile carpet

Short pile carpets have shorter fibres, that are usually closely packed together. They still have the soft feel of carpet, but stand up much better to foot traffic and tend to be more durable and last longer. A great choice for the hall, stairs and landing and other areas of refined, high frequency traffic. 

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