Flooring Megastore - Prices you love

Buy in Bulk - Get a discount!

At Flooring Megastore, our position on pricing is very simple. We are open and honest right from the start on at what points we can offer a discount, through our bulk discount structure that's enabled across most of our products. 

On the basis you surpass the thresholds set out on each product, the price for your chosen products will reduce for you. So the more you buy, the more you save! 

You can browse across our whole website and know exactly where we stand with offering discounts for you and you'll find this approach avoids all of the unnecessary barterings, going back and forth with other retailers; which is ever so labour-intensive. 

Bulk discounts are automatically applied at checkout based on the volumes of carpets and / or hard flooring products that you are purchasing.


To discuss bulk discounts with the team, please call 0333 230 0111