Luxury Vinyl Tile Buying Guide

When you need durable flooring, but don't want to compromise on luxury or style, luxury vinyl tile are a great choice. With designs that replicate sophisticated wood or tiles flooring and look amazingly authentic, you're bound to find one that's perfect for your home. LVT is easy to keep clean, and it's nice and warm underfoot too. 

Choosing Luxury Vinyl Tile by Room


Vinyl of all kinds is a no brainer for the bathroom, and that includes luxury vinyl tiles. In addition to standing up to water and stains and being easy to clean, luxury vinyl tile comes in a stunning range of finishes. It mimics high quality wood, stone and tile with amazing authenticity. Who says your bathroom can't be sophisticated?


The kitchen is another room where vinyl has always been a great choice. Luxury Vinyl Tile means you don't need to worry about water or spills. The huge range of good-looking finishes available mean you can get all of this practical durability without compromising on style.


Who doesn't want to bring a bit of luxury to the living room? If you've had your eye on a certain wood or stone style for the living room, but don't want the upkeep and need a bit more practicality, luxury vinyl tile is a great choice. It'll stand up to your family's messes (kids and pets are no worry) and your living room will still have the timeless style you love. 


The bedroom needs to be the cosiest room in the house. Luckily luxury vinyl tiles have a soft, cushiony feel, and are warmer underfoot than many other hard floors. Whether it's an easy-clean  choice for the kids room, or a stylish option for your own serene hideaway, there are tons of luxury vinyl tile choices to suit every lifestyle. 

Hall & Entranceway

High traffic areas of your home take a lot of punishment. They bar the brunt of muddy footprints and family life. But who says they can't look amazing? Luxury vinyl tiles will stand up to even the busiest home. Their incredible durability means they'll last for years with no compromise on good looks. 

Dining room

Whether you use it for every day or just for entertaining, your dining room flooring needs to cope with the odd spill. Luxury vinyl tiles are easy to wipe clean and stand up to stains. And, because of the huge choice of styles and finishes, your flooring can be style and functional. 

Plank vs Tile

Plank Design Luxury Vinyl Tiles Plank Design Luxury Vinyl Tiles

Plank design

A plank design in luxury vinyl tile flooring creates the illusion of real wood flooring planks. As a durable, easier-to-maintain alternative to the real thing, luxury vinyl tile can look incredibly authentic. It's also cheaper and easier to fit. Your feet will thank you too, as it's warmer and quieter underfoot. 

Tiled Design Luxury Vinyl Tiles Tiled Design Luxury Vinyl Tiles

Tiled design

A tiled design of luxury vinyl tile replicates the tile patterns of a real stone or slate floor. The texture can be super authentic too. Large, square tiles of luxury vinyl are just like the shapes found in the real thing, while being cheaper, easier to fit and to maintain. 

Choosing by Appearance



Oak is one of the most sought after materials for flooring with good reason. Its classic effect is super stylish and complements pretty much any style of home. Real oak flooring is also one of the priciest materials on the market, but with oak vinyl tiles you achieve all of the effect of oak at a fraction of the price and very little upkeep. 


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These tiles will give you all the benefits of a pine floor, but with an incredibly durable finish that will last and last, meaning your floor will look amazing for years to come. 


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Stone effect vinyl tiles will create an incredibly authentic looking floor but you will appreciate the warmth and the comfort they bring. Just as easy to maintain as the real thing, the fitting of these tiles is much simpler and less costly than the real McCoy, but your guest will never be able to tell the difference. 


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Slate effect luxury vinyl tiles cost a fraction of the real deal and are considerably easier to fit. These tiles are the perfect authentic alternative to real slate. 


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Metal effect luxury vinyl can create real impact in any room, although it works especially well in the kitchen or bathroom. The unique finish of metal effect luxury vinyl tiles will inject texture, character and charm into your home and will work well with modern interiors. 


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Underlay & Accessories

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